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Since being diagnosed with gallstones in 2017, I have become the world's leading authority on everything gallstone/gallbladder related. Allegedly.


This has given me the gall to write a book about my journey, where you will learn everything you never wanted to know about gallstones and the world they inhabit.


Published by Hammersmith Books, in this 2nd edition, you will read a light-hearted account of my story, and you will learn how to make a shepherd's pie without using fat... and a few other gallstone-related facts along the way


"The best book about gallstones

I have ever read" - Karen


This book is available in paperback and Kindle fornats


All​ Shook Up: My Natural Fight Against Cancer


One woman's inspiring fight against cancer - three times - using only natural treatments


Click here to buy a copy



The Best of British Cookery Book


A selection of British favourites, including starters, mains, sides,puddings and cakes. From apple pie to Welsh Rarebit - you'll find it here


Click here to buy a copy



Gypsy of the skies is a collection of essays from bloggers/expats throughout the world. Twelve writers tell us what it's like to roam the world in search of grasses greener. Available here in Kindle and paperback.





















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